2023 Master Builders Victoria Excellence in Housing Awards

From left to right: Sam Cali, Tom Coy (Owner & Director), Tom Edwards, Rebecca Best, Kaine MacDonald Presenting the award winners of...

Building with Confidence: The Crucial Role of Builder’s Margin for Clients

What is a builder’s margin? The builder’s margin, which is expressed as a percentage of the selling price, represents the difference between the total cost incurred by the builder and...

Why Large Building Companies Are Failing…While Small Building Companies Are Thriving!

By Association of Professional Builders The recent building company collapses have shattered the myth that the big companies are stronger and more likely to be in a position to ride...

What is a Passive House and what are the benefits of building one?

Passive House is a building standard and methodology creating new and altered homes, designed with the local climate in mind. These homes are comfortable to live in and efficient to...
pre-construction process

The Pre-Construction Process and How It Can Benefit You

The pre-construction process sometimes referred to as the PAC (Paid as Consultant) process, is very important. It lays the foundation for a build with minimal disruptions and ensures the build...
how can i have energy efficient home

How can I have an Energy Efficient Home?

We hear the term often, we know what it means, but often we do not understand what it means for us individually. When building a new home or renovating an...
3 reasons why you should not rush home renovation

Three Reasons Why You Should Not Rush Into A Home Renovation

Has your family outgrown your home? You love the neighborhood you live in, and you’ve made the decision to renovate. You’re excited and cannot wait to move into your newly...

Building and Renovating – Area’s that Commonly Go Wrong

Is your home in need of an update, but you’re not sure what’s involved in renovating? Are you worried about budget blow-outs, time delays and the overall stress of the...
how to avoid excessive cost during renovation

How To Avoid Excessive Costs During Your Renovation

Do not rush into your design You’ve made the decision to renovate or extend your home – how exciting! This should be such an exciting time, but if you want...
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