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Message From Tom

Hi, I'm Tom Coy, and I'm thrilled to introduce you to the driving force behind Coy's Constructions.

What Drives Our Passion

We're committed to crafting passive homes, energy-efficient custom new homes, & renovations, that stand out for their eco-friendliness and exceptional quality. Tailoring your home to your unique needs, harnessing the natural assets of your property, and educating you on the benefits of passive design is where our hearts truly reside. When you choose Coy's Constructions, you're choosing a powerhouse team that's committed to delivering homes that offer enduring value for years to come, combining sustainability, energy efficiency, and unparalleled excellence in every build.

We take great pride in delivering sustainable, high-performing homes that promise longterm value and a greener, more efficient lifestyle. We build your home to match your budget. We invite you to join us in crafting a home that not only meets your requirements but exceeds your expectations, all while making a positive impact on the environment and your financial wellbeing.

Your dream home awaits, and we're ready to make it a reality.


Rebecca Best

Client Liason

Hi I’m Bec. I have a diploma in interior design and have a background in designing cabinetry for new homes and renovations. I love working with clients and helping them bring their dream home to reality. I also love spending time with my family, yoga, movies, gardening and renovating my own home.

Julie Thompson

Finance Manager

Hi, I'm Julie. I have over 30 years experience in Finance and Administration, with the most recent years within the construction industry. After many years of attempting DIY renovation and landscape projects, combined with being accident prone, I have realised the importance of quality and trustworthy trades. Coy's aligns with my beliefs and I feel at home. Outside of work I enjoy wheel thrown pottery and fluid art projects.

Kyle Schneider

Project Manager

Hey I'm Kyle, I'm the project manager at Coys. I've been in the construction industry for 13 years now. My favourite part of building is seeing a project come together, solving problems & creating systems that improve what we do. Outside of work I love watching footy and being with my family.

Braydon Hampton


Hi I’m Braydon, I’m a third year apprentice and I enjoy working at Coy’s because we get to do all aspects of carpentry and get to turn old houses into clients dream homes. Outside of work I enjoy going to the beach, fishing and having a few beers.

Oscar Vout


Hi I’m Oscar, I’m a second year apprentice and I enjoy carpentry because you get to see the whole job from start to finish and have heaps of variety with the work you do. Outside of work I enjoy hanging out with mates watching the footy and going camping.

Tom Edwards


Hi I’m Tom, I’m a recently qualified carpenter and have been with Coy’s since 2021. I get a lot of satisfaction from the work we do and love the process of turning something old and outdated into something I’m proud of. I’m a big footy and cricket fan and enjoy spending my weekends away when I get the chance.

Tom Naughtin


Hi I’m Tom, I’m a third year apprentice carpenter. I have always wanted to be a carpenter and look forward to the day I become qualified. The satisfaction I get out of completing a job is second to none and love working with a great group of blokes everyday. Outside of work I play footy and enjoy camping and going four wheel driving on weekends.

Tristan Seymour


Hi I’m Tristan, I’m a third year apprentice. I enjoy doing carpentry because of the wide variety of work involved and enjoy seeing the jobs from start to finish. I also enjoy coming to work because of the good work culture we have in the company. Outside of work I like playing footy and getting away to the snow or the beach.


Executive Virtual Assistant

Hello, I’m Geneva, an executive virtual assistant at Coy’s since 2022. Working with Coy’s, I find joy contributing to the team’s passion and dedication to deliver the best quality homes to their clients. Outside of work, I’ve developed a love for freediving and exploring my creativity through digital art.


Offshore Support Professional

Hi I’m Niña, a highly skilled offshore support professional handling CRM management, social media marketing, while also overseeing various administrative responsibilities. Working with Coy’s has been incredibly fulfilling, thanks to the team’s appreciation and inclusive culture. Outside of work, I enjoy spending quality time with family and friends, capturing moments through photography, and occasional travel if time permits.

We take immense pride in our affiliations, proudly recognized as a registered Master Builders Green Living Builder and esteemed members of Master Builders Association Victoria, Australian Passive House Association, Renew, and The Association of Professional Builders.

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